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Welcome to – Home of the legendary Red Loop trip where you can see a large number of the worlds most beautiful scenes, in a single efficient loop.   This site will give you all you need to know FAST  to make the most of your trip.  There are GOOD pictures of every major and minor site along the way, so you don’t miss anything.  Also provide excellent Google maps, and GPS coordinates downloadable for every single point.

It’s all designed for road trips. No week long  hiking treks.  Most of these seances can be seen by short walks from your car.

This is not a backpackers guide, though backpackers are welcome to use this guide to stop off at some fun places they may not have known about while going to and fro.

How to use this site? Pick a start point and go through each stop along the loop!  If you don’t like it, remove it from your itinerary   Then print, book and go!