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As awesome as The Red Loop is, no GPS system can guide you through the whole loop, one destination to the next. (I’m sure there will be one tomorrow, but as of today, it needs a little human interaction)  With dozens of stops, you will need some paper to either guide you to guide to the GPS to the next stop or just use all paper.


I do recommend buying a Garmin 62S (Handheld, good for hikes –  It’s what I use) You may want to obtain  the Southwest USA  (for the AZ, UT, NM and CO) Topo Maps.

or Montana 600 more car friendly, larger, but hikeable too.

The popular Mapping Options are:

1. Google

2. Garmin GPS

3 .TomTom

4. Magellan

Today, any car’s built in navigation system will be almost useless, so don’t even bother trying to use it. Well over 99% of all the waypoints do not have any kind of traditional street address.

Warning BETA: These are in process, they will improve as time goes along.

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It includes a few of other points, so pick which ones you want to use and plan your trip accordingly.