If you are a DSLR, this guide isn’t for you!

2013 Spring Edition

Unless you buy some weird no-name brand Chinese camera, all the main manufacturers are getting pretty good. Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, etc. So you’re going to need something that sets them apart. And if you go on one of these famous Whirlwild Trips, you may EASILY have over 100 photo stops. When you get home, as your friends gasp at what an awesome trip you took, they may ask “where was this exactly?” And you may think, “That’s a good question, I know it was in…. some National Park… I think”.  That’s why I am madly in LOVE with cameras that has GPS built into them. They automatically embed into each photo, the exact location (down to the foot) of where you were when you took that picture. Now I’m not a camera review site. I’m going to tell you what I’d use and the price points. You decide. I was a Canon man for well over a decade, then I converted to Sony. I choose Sony for the following reasons:

1. GPS encoded in each photo (So when you upload your photos to a photo sharing website like Picasa/Google+, it will automatically create a map for you with photos

2. Automatic Panoramic, you can create a 42MP panoramic with just a sweep of the camera. This is catching on with others.
3. 1080P/60 Video (smoooth, many DSLR’s can’t do this).
4. They can take 3 fast shots that you can use for High Dynamic Range (HDR), which only DSLR’s usually can.

$73 – Canon PowerShot A2300 (cheap, 5X zoom, 720P)

$250 – Panasonic Lumix TS4 (GPS, Panorama, waterproof, rugged, 1080P video, HDR)
$370 – Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX200V (GPS, Panorama, waterproof, rugged, 1080P video, HDR)
$400 – Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V(GPS, Panorama, Super 30X Zoom, 1080P video, HDR)

The absolute best bags, hands down for cameras is KATA.