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Kodachrome Devils Garden
Zebra Canyon Hike
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Location: South of Escalante, UT
Maps: Custom Online Google Map With All Stop
GPS: Google Earth KMZ Garmin GPX or GDB Other
Operations: Just a hike
Fees: Free
Nearby:  Devils Garden
Must See:  The Zebra Slot Canyon

This is a hike that will take minimum of 1.5 hours. It’s a 2.5 miles hike in, the canyon is only about 200 feet long. It’s not a difficult hike, there are few elevation changes, just long, and some of the walking is in sandy areas which makes it harder.

There is one spot that you may need a GPS, but I’ve hosted a GPS trail for your GPS to use or just study the route in Google Earth so when you get to the riverbed, you can know where walk  towards.

After Zebra Canyon, go south 4.5 more miles down the dirt road to to Devils Garden.  After that make sure you stop off in Boulder at Hell’s Backbone Grill (One of the top 100 restaurants in the West) or Burr Trail Grill (one of my favorite restaurants ever).  Amazing that in these micro small towns, you can get 2 of the most amazing restaurants ever.  DO NOT MISS THEM!

WARNING! Sometimes the canyon is full of stagnant water. Don’t bother going if this is the case.  You can’t even get into the canyon without wading though it and the water is disgusting and gross.  Be sure to ask anyone along the trail or anyone in the area before you hike.  Just skip it and go to Devil’s Garden if it has water in it. There are many other canyons in the area if you want to see some cool slot canyons.