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Horseshoe Bend Glen Canyon Dam

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Warning: This is NOT a National Park, National Monument or State Park.  I don’t like posting commercial ventures, especially monopolistic ones, but the pictures speak for themselves and are world famous.  Rates range from $35 to $80 per adult depending on the type and length of tour (50 minutes to 2 hours).  If this was an American park, it would be free, but since it’s on a Native American reservation, they charge whatever they can, and do.


A few budget options are:

Waterholes ($5 per person, nearby) or wait until you get to Hole In the Rock Road south of Escalate, there are lots of slot canyons there like  Zebra Canyon Hike


There are lots of good cheap hotels in Page, AZ, I suggest you stay here for the evening. If you have some more daylight, and are going to skip the Toadstool or the Wave hikes, you can stay in Kanab, Utah.