The Red Loop

The Red Loop is a term to describe the most efficient itinerary has mapped out for you and how you can see all of beautiful red rock sites of the West in one week long swoop.  No backpacking required, only light hikes if desired, and we try to keep the driving less then 8 hours a day, broken up by countless world famous scenery of which you’ve undoubted seen in the movies or even your computer’s screensaver or desktop backgrounds.

How to use this site:

First, pick your Starting Point! I recommend Flagstaff, AZ, because it’s already on the Red Loop.

Once you’ve picked your starting point, that page will tell you which is the first stop in the Red Loop.  Go to that page, and see if you’d like to see it.  You will find pictures of each page of what can be seen at that stop along the way.  Custom maps have been made, and if you decide you don’t want to stop off at a site, simply delete it from your itinerary that day. On the top and bottom of each page, you will find a “NEXT STOP” and “PREVIOUS STOP” so you can see site is along the way next.

Each page has Custom Google Maps of each site or turnoff, and Google Earth Points, and GPS cordinates that you can download for your GPS so you will never get lost and you will have accurate estimated driving times.

Once you have your all of your days planned, get yours hotels (or campsite), and print or save your itineraries.  Then get, if required, get the appropriate permits in place. The Wave requires you to win a lottery so plan several months in advance.  Then book your flight, get a good rental car, book your hotels, load up your GPS and print out some backup maps and you’re ready to go!

Do head over to my checklists and make sure you have all the appropriate recommended gear.

And don’t forget to bring your camera! With scenery like this, it’s hard to take a bad shot!


Q. Is the Red Loop Family Friendly

A. Yes! With frequent stops, and no long hikes, it’s perfect for little children who need to run around a lot.