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Salt Lake City, Utah


Salt Lake City, Utah

Airport Code: SLC (Click here for Flights and car rentals, you will want to book your hotels individually after you’ve planed your itinerary)

Google Map of Airport Address: 776 N Terminal Dr, Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake is about 3 hours away from The Red Loop.  If you have a late flight, stay in Salt Lake or if you can make it 3 hours Drive to Moab to get a head start.

 FIRST STOP: Canyonlands North Section

Click on the Day # to get a premade map.

Day 1 (Canyonlands & Arches National Park) (Download Day 1 KML)

Hotel after Day 1: Moab, Utah or if you feel like driving more Blanding, Utah or Monticello, Utah (cheaper than Moab, Utah)

Day 2 (Natural BridgesValley of the GodsGooseneck SPMonument ValleyHovenweep)  (Download Day 2 KML)

Hotel after Day 2: There are many options in Cortez, Co

Day 3 (Mesa Verde,  The hikes at Bisti Badlands and De-Na-Zin Wilderness & Chaco Canyon) (Download Day 3 KML)

Hotel after Day 3: Gallup, NM or Window Rock, AZ are best.

Day 4 (Window RockCanyon De Chelly & Petrified Forest National Park) (Download Day 4 KML)

Hotel after Day 4: Flagstaff, AZ or Tusayan, AZ

Day 5 (Grand CanyonWaterholes Hike OR Antelope Canyon ($$$)Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon Hike) (Download Day 5 KML)

Hotel after Day 5: Page, AZ or Kanab, Utah

Day 6 (Glen Canyon Dam, Glen Canyon Rec Area,  Toad Stools HikeThe Wave HikeCoral Pink Sands SP and Zions National Park) (Download Day 6 KML)

Hotel after Day 6: St. George, UT or Cedar City, Utah or Bryce

Day 7 (Cedar BreaksBryce NPKodachrome State ParkZebra CanyonCapitol Reef & Goblin Valley) (Download Day 7 KML)

Hotel after Day 7: Green River, Utah or anywhere along the road to Salt Lake.  Possibly Price, or Provo if you can’t make it.