Flagstaff, Arizona

Airport Code: FLG (Click here for Flights and car rentals, you will want to book your hotels individually after you’ve planed your itinerary)

Airport Address: 6200 South Pulliam Drive, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Flagstaff is obviously the best choice for minimal driving to get on “The Red Loop”.  However, it IS a most expensive city to fly into, maybe $50 USD more PER PERSON depending on the season than the other starting points.

If your flight into Flagstaff comes in later at night, I’d suggest you stay in

1: Flagstaff for the night OR

2. A hotel in Tusayan, AZ, (less than 1.5 hours from the Flagstaff Airport) which is right outside the entrance of the Grand Canyon – South Rim, or

3. Hotels in the Grand Canyon Park (Most expensive). They are located right near the entrance so you won’t miss anything by driving in them late at night.

If you have about a half day or more, you can easily make it to Page AZ for the night.

Otherwise, here is the Example Itinerary: (Traveling Clockwise) or just Click HERE for the Grand Canyon (First Stop) and follow the route around by clicking NEXT.

FIRST STOP: Grand Canyon – South Rim

Day 1 (Grand Canyon, Waterholes Hike, Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon Hike)

Hotel after Day 1: Page, AZ or Kanab, Utah

Day 2 (Glen Canyon Dam, Toad Stools Hike, The Wave Hike, Pink Coral Sands and Zions National Park)

Hotel after Day 2: St. George, UT or Cedar City, Utah

Day 3 (Cedar Breaks, Bryce NPKodachrome State Park, Zebra Canyon, Capitol Reef & Goblin Valley)

Hotel after Day 3: Green River, Utah or Moab, Utah

Day 4 (Canyonlands & Arches National Park)

Hotel after Day 4: Moab, Utah or if you feel like driving more Blanding, Utah or Monticello, Utah (much cheaper than Moab)

Day 5 (Butler Wash Ruins, Natural Bridges National Park, Valley of the Gods, GooseneckMonument Valley, Hovenweep)

Hotel after Day 5: There are many cheap options in Cortez, CO

Day 6 (Mesa Verde,  Bisti Badlands and De-Na-Zin Wilderness & Chaco Canyon)

Hotel after Day 6: Gallup, NM or Window Rock, AZ are best.

Day 7 (Window Rock, Canyon De Chelly & Petrified Forest National Park)

Hotel after Day 7: Flagstaff, AZ or Tusayan, AZ

You may want to come in from Las Vegas as there are always deals to be had there. Salt Lake City and Albuquerque are both major cities as well. You are already going to be doing a lot of driving, so head to Flagstaff is my recommendation.